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Is is no surprise that Italy is drawing visitors from all over the world! The beauty of the landscape is only the beginning of what Italy has to offer: the country is rich in natural views that change completely within a few kilometers. From the high mountains of the Dolomites, to the white beaches of Sardinia, from cities rich in history and art, to landscapes overhanging the sea as in the Amalfi Coast. Italy is considered one of the most romantic places in the entire world and so what better place to celebrate love and get married?

A wedding in Italy will be a memory to cherish forever: for newlyweds but also for the people you love. This country and its renowned hospitality will leave your guests speechless. Italy knows how to be remembered and you will be sure that your guests will talk about your wedding for years to come.

Imagine the two of you exchanging vows on a terrace overlooking the beautiful Lake Garda. Or how about a ceremony set in a Tuscan vineyard? Anything more romantic than a ride on a gondola at sunset? From castles to ancient ruins, seductive cuisine to lush countryside, glistening lakes to quiet vineyards, the land has everything a romantic couple is looking for.

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