If you are looking for a venue that can combine charm, comfort, hospitality and a high degree of customization, know that a villa wedding is the choice of excellence for those who want a memorable and impressive wedding.

If you are considering a villa for your wedding, in this article you will find the many advantages that such a location has in store for you, with an eye to the various organizational aspects as well.

The unique appeal of a villa wedding

Hosting a reception or even getting married in a villa has a charm that other locations can hardly match. Historic settings encapsulate centuries of beauty, but in general, villas always hold great surprises for all guests.

You’ve always wanted a unique venue for your wedding, but why should you choose a villa of all places?

The variety of this type of venue is endless, making it suitable for so many different styles and arrangements.

From the classic villa with more than 200 years of history, sumptuous and rich in its frescoes and gardens, to more modern settings, with large green lawns and perhaps a beautiful pool to make the most important moments magical. There are villas that lend themselves to rural or romantic, simple or lavish staging choices-you are spoiled for choice.

The villa wedding has a unique versatility, so you can adapt every aspect to your dream, taking advantage of the characteristics of excellence that these locations already have.

Also, don’t forget that when it comes to villas, you are dealing with really large spaces, so do not put limits on your desires: your wedding will be just as you imagined it!

Available spaces in a Villa 

In historic villas, the interiors often feature large rooms , capable of accommodating even more than 160 people comfortably seated at the table.

There are, however, also some villas that offer more restrained and cozy spaces that can be individually set up and dedicated to smaller groups of guests. As an alternative to the sumptuous historic halls, many of these locations also offer a barchessa in the adjoining spaces: a more airy and informal setting, suitable for those who prefer to have a villa as a backdrop and organize the reception in a simpler space.

So far we have talked about enclosed spaces, but choosing a villa also means having at one’s disposal many possibilities outside as well: large gardens, centuries-old parks, evocative courtyards, small treasure chests hidden in the greenery.

Renting a villa for your wedding can also be the ideal choice for those who wish to crown their dream of love embraced by natural elements, with personalized arrangements in every detail and exactly in their favorite spot of the entire estate.

Do these characteristics sound right for your wedding? Don’t forget that to make the whole event perfect, your personal touch is essential:  pillows, seating, candles, lanterns, floral decorations, and much more: nothing must be left to chance in order to live your most beautiful dream.

How to plan your villa wedding

Let’s start with the different moments that will take place in the villa: in fact, many of these locations also offer the possibility of celebrating the wedding on the inside: the set-up is perhaps the most delicate point.

If you wish to organize your wedding on your own, you need to know well what the villa provides: from tables to chairs, from decorative elements to lighting. Everything becomes easier if, on the other hand, you rely on the support of qualified professionals, who will offer support on organizing the reception and customize the arrangements with a precise style.

Never underestimate this service, because many times  the DO-IT- YOURSELF can be even more expensive, not only in economic terms but also in terms of the final result.

Another important tip is to make the most of the villa’s spaces to create a wedding that will leave everyone speechless. Start with your favorite places within the venue and assign each one a special moment. This way you can create a dynamic wedding that leaves no room for boredom and wasted opportunities.

All perfect then, or do we also have downsides to consider?

Also beware of possible downsides of villas, however: first and foremost that entire areas are often cordoned off and not accessible to the public (perhaps because they contain personal or valuable items of the owner).

When it comes to historic villas with great charm, often not much can be done in the way of furnishings ( never think of moving that magnificent old carpet that the owner likes so much but the bride and groom much less).

Another aspect to keep in mind is outlets: in old villas, power outlets are often rare and scarce, creating poorly lit corners where perhaps photos do not come out well.

Finally, remember to organize the different dedicated areas:  If your are going to have many children at your wedding why do not creare a special area for them?

But above all, a wedding in a villa is a guarantee that that day will be all for you in absolute privacy and not as often happens in large hotels where several weddings are celebrated on the same day or where perhaps due to the needs of the hotel guests, the festivities have to be interrupted early and the guests moved elsewhere or even sent away ( it happened just at my wedding and I will tell you about it in the next post).

A villa wedding is a dream come true.

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