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“Italy is just breathtaking: If you consider the history, the art, the beauty of the country, the food and the wonderful people who happen to like Americans, there can’t be another country to compare. People are friendly and you will not be in short supply of EPIC locations in Italy.”

I found this enthusiastic comment on a facebook group posted from an American bride who celebrated her wedding in Italy, and I believe it sums up, the essence of main reasons why couples from all over the world celebrate their special day in Italy.

But that being said, going beyond clichés, here are a few other reasons you might appreciate:

There are very few nations in the world that can boast such a wide range of different locations.

From snowy Dolomite landscapes (hey this is for you who dream of a winter wedding with a white stole, snow and a lit fireplace), to big cities that offer venues where art and history are touchable and you can leave your guests speechless (ever fantasized about a wedding in Venice among alleyways and gondolas?);

Not to mention medieval castles scattered a bit all over Italy (did you know that we have some lake-view ones that need to be booked well in advance?); to land at the little Tuscan churches amidst vineyards and cypresses (don’t tell me you’ve never dreamed of one of those boho chic wedding style set ups that are so fashionable😉).

How can we forget the lake region of northern Italy where magnificent villas can be rented for exclusive use just for you and your guests (these are the places where VIPS from all over the world come to get married); but also for those who dream of the typical beach wedding, barefoot and under a palm tree Italy has no problem rivaling Caribbean countries thanks to the warm but not too sultry climate and especially the very fine cuisine.

And again, if that wasn’t enough in Italy you can rent an entire island in the Mediterranean (okay maybe the budget isn’t for everyone) but you can also think about getting married in a lighthouse, in a wine barrel, on a hot air balloon, on a private yacht, in an amusement park and so many other solutions that can pop up.

After all, Italians do not lack imagination and are well known as great aesthetes: This makes sure that any of your wedding vendors will take care of your “Big Day” down to the smallest detail.

For Italians, eating well, partying and having fun at a wedding is taken for granted, so you can rest assured that everybody will do the impossible to make your wedding day unforgettable.

In Italy you can get married almost all year round.

The weather can be cold during the winter months although – especially in the south- winter is hardly harsh and rainy. Can you imagine your wedding on the Amalfi coast, in Sicily, Puglia or beautiful Sardinia with unfavorable weather?

Getting married in Italy is not any more expensive than elsewhere.

Even here you can find ready-made packages at affordable prices; Just stay away from the peak season and try to choose a wedding day in the middle of the week.

If you live in Europe, with just a few hours of flight time you can comfortably get anywhere. If you live in the rest of the world you will be easily connected to major cities and from there you will move nimbly to any other minor center.

Italy is one of the top nations in the World for tourism.

Your guests or yourself can take advantage of your wedding for a wonderful honeymoon or a week’s wanderlust: trains, airline flights, and connections of all kinds are frequent and very well organized.

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Couple questions

Useful information if you want to get married in Italy

The first good news is that foreigners are not required to have legal residency to get married in Italy.

The documents you will need are:
• Your passport or valid ID card;
• Your birth certificate;
• If divorced or widowed, divorce papers or a death certificate;
• Certificate of nulla osta (no impediment certificate) wich has to be officially translated into italian;
• Two witnesses, an affidavit and last but not least a declaration of intent to marry;
• If you dont’ speak italian, an interpreter must be present during the ceremony and signing the official papers.

In Italy both religious and civil wedding ceremonies are officially recognized. If you feel overwhelmed with all the papers to be filled out, the easiest way is to get married in your own country and only have a symbolic ceremony in Italy. Once you have all the documents, yourself or any person in charge (wedding planner) will handle it to the Municipality register Office (so called Ufficio anagrafe in Italian).

First you need to get certificates of no impediment from your local registry office then you have to sign statutory declarations in the presence of a solicitor or notary. You then need to send all 4 of these docs to the legalisation office to be apostille stamped. Once you have the documents back duly stamped, you have to courier them over to the celebrant in Italy who will translate them and present them to the town hall in the town you are getting married in.

The beauty of Italy is precisely that it offers different settings, styles, landscapes and consequently different budgets.

The first myth to dispel is that a wedding in Italy, while one of the most desirable destinations in the world, does not cost much more than elsewhere.

The rental of a wedding venue (which usually accounts for about 40% of the total budget) starts from about 2,000 € and goes up to 35,000 €

The first suggestion to make is to select a beautiful area less known than the usual trendier ones. If the most sought-after ones are the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Lake Como, you can go for Lake Garda, Verona, Cinque Terre, Sardinia and many other beautiful destinations.

The second suggestion is to choose midweek days instead of the usual weekends where Italians get married and prices go up. What do you and your guests who are on vacation care if you get married on a Tuesday or Thursday anyway?

To make sure you find the right vendors for your wedding, we suggest at least a year in advance.
Each wedding venue partner who appears on Bookmywedding is carefully screened by us. That means we personally visit the venue, and check every detail; we carefully read the reviews left by customers or by wedding planners. There is no way that a wedding venue pays to be included among our suppliers. The selection criteria are strict: we want to work with those who put their heart and soul into it.
Each venue has its own payment schedule: generally a deposit is paid on confirmation, which is around 30% of the total, and the balance is required about 90 days before arrival. But, as stated before, refer only to the venue you have booked.
Yes, we are currently working on this possibility and soon we will be able to offer a complete wedding insurance.
The wedding consultation through Bookmywedding to find your ideal wedding venue in Italy is absolutely free of charge.
We charge a small fee to the wedding venue we work with.
Not at all! The venue will have the same cost if you book it directly or through our free services.

We take no responsibility for cancellation of
bookings. In order to avoid unnecessary loss of money, we have taken out an
insurance policy that covers you against wedding cancellation costs. As soon
as we will have it we will post it here: we will keep you posted with
further details.

To definitely book your wedding venue, you will have to pay directly the supplier according to the booking terms and conditions set forth by each of them. In most cases, a non-refundable deposit is required to confirm the booking, with the balance of payment due by a specified date or period before the wedding. Such booking terms and conditions are specified in each contract and has to be accepted prior to any confirmation. Payment methods accepted by our venues generally include credit cards as well as bank wire transfers and other electronic transfers.

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