So many competitors have entered the destination wedding industry in recent years, but Italy remains in the lead as a desired, dreamed of, preferred destination for brides and grooms around the world, why?

It is known that when a product is highly desired by customers, possible competitors try to lower its level, and speak ill of it: Italy is very expensive, Italy is inaccessible, it rains a lot in Italy, they are not organized, it is not well connected with international flights.
None of this is true, and now I will explain why:

Italy is perhaps the destination with the greatest variety of different landscapes within a single nation: each city is different from the others, each small village hides peculiarities of its own.

In Italy we have the Dolomites, the Alps, we have the large islands such as Sicily and Sardinia, the smaller islands ( Elba, Capri, Tremiti Islands, Aeolian Islands ) just to name a few. There are the most romantic cities in the world: Florence, Verona, Venice, Rome; there are leading cultural centers: Bologna, Siena, Assisi – again just to name a few.

There are several international airports that connect the various parts of the nation very well, but once you arrive you must keep in mind that the domestic rail network is one of the most efficient in the world. There are high-speed trains (Trenitalia and Italo) that connect the nation from north to south with a passenger satisfaction rate that is truly remarkable. You will be able to move within Italy by highly efficient public transportation, as well as being able to rent cars and travel the efficient and privatized highway network throughout the country.

The weather as we know is unpredictable, and no one can give you any more certainty and guarantees of consistently good weather, but southern Italy for example offers mild temperatures almost all year round, and the choice is really wide.

Regarding food, rivers of words have already been spent, and there is no need to add that the local cuisine in Italy is versatile varied, genuine and has always been taken as a model of reference all over the world: the famous Mediterranean cuisine. Not only do Italians know how to celebrate ceremonies with great emphasis, and marriage is one of the most heartfelt celebrations.

If you choose Italy, both the food and beverage and the pathos of those involved in organizing the ceremony will be very high.

The choice of location for your wedding, however, will be top in Italy: no other country in the world can compete with such a wide choice of venue solutions to celebrate your wedding: ranging from  from modern private villas to exclusive old villas that only open their doors on certain occasions.
There are castles and entire villages (borghi) that can be rented for important celebrations.
But then there are also lighthouses, boats, farmhouses in the middle of vineyards, splendid restored town houses.

You can therefore combine venues with different landscapes and choose either a modern villa on a lake or a castle in the middle of the mountains. Everything exudes luxury and elegance.

Regarding prices, it is said that Italy is expensive and certainly one cannot have access to such exclusivity without spending large sums of money, but this does not exclude that one can also find very good solutions at reasonable prices.
Our advice is always not to focus on the usual three destinations you know of in Italy, but to broaden your range. There are areas that offer the same vibes but with reduced rates. The Marche or Umbria instead of Tuscany, Lake Garda or Lake Iseo instead of Lake Como, to name but a few.
There are splendid terraces on the sea, vineyards with access to postcard landscapes that you can only get from an Italian venue.
Believe me, I have been travelling around discovering wedding venues for my clients for months now, and I can only tell you that I have seen marvels that I struggle to describe because I feel like I am ‘belittling’ them.

So, NO there is no other destination in the world that can compete with Italy on food, variety of landscapes, variety of venues, affable, dedicated, smiling and friendly people.
Elsewhere you will have serial weddings, in large hotels perhaps overlooking the ocean, but only in Italy can you experience – and let your guests experience – a unique emotion destined to last in everyone’s memory.

You can start browsing among our venues or take a look at our Wedding planning services.

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