Should I choose a travel agent or a wedding planner when organising a destination wedding? 

 You are planning your wedding abroad and after the first research you feel overwhelmed: it is not as easy as you were told and so you decide to look for someone who can help you

You are of course familiar with the service offered by a wedding planner, but since your wedding is abroad you wonder if it might not be better to hire an Italian wedding planner.

But how to find one who is serious, reliable, answers your myriad doubts quickly, speaks your language and really understands you?

This question will be answered at the end of the article if you have the patience to read it all…

As you continue with your persistent research, however, someone tells you that since you are getting married in Italy, perhaps it would be best to contact a travel agent who specializes in arranging weddings abroad.

At this point there is a lot of confusion and you wonder: what is the role of each of them? who should I ask what from? but most importantly: do these two roles work together?

Let’s try to clarify: a travel agent who specializes in weddings abroad generally handles the tourism part of your wedding. So the travel agent books flights, transfers, hotel rooms for your group, possibly your honeymoon.

He or she generally has negotiating power and is able, for example, for group hotel bookings to snag a rate 5 to 20 percent lower than anyone else would get. If he can’t because he may not specialize in the destination you are looking for, he is still able to get you extras such as free of charge parking, or room upgrades for the bride and groom or their parents for example.  

a completely different role, on the other hand, is that of the wedding planner: this one knows perfectly all the various local suppliers to organize your wedding in Italy.
He knows what documents you need to get married civilly, religiously; he knows how to contact and get a quote from that caterer that you bride has never even heard back from.
She knows the laws governing music in Italy ( the famous SIAE, ever heard of it? ); she knows how to negotiate to make sure the flowers you love so much arrive fresh in that remote village on the morning of your wedding.

But generally the wedding planner is not in charge of booking the hotel, the flights and all the tourist stuff, just as the travel agent is not in charge of looking for the wedding ring pillow, or making sure the musician has the right set list from the moment the bride enters

 Can these two roles work together? certainly but the two costs must also be budgeted for.

Normally the travel agent earns only from the commissions for the bookings he makes and for the bride and groom he has no extra costs.

The wedding planner, on the other hand, makes money by charging the couple a fee for his services. An Italian wedding planner normally costs from 2,000 euros and up but generally the most likely cost remains around 3,500 to 4,000 euros for the couple   

Even very specialized travel agents, however, do not replace a wedding planner or onsite coordinator at all but work together each in terms of his or her specialty.

These two basic roles support each other and work in tandem never overpowering because they have very distinct roles.

Only by having both professionals, however, can one be sure that one’s destination wedding is perfect in all respects.

How can Bookmywedding help you find the best travel agents and the most qualified Italian wedding planners here on site?

We actually provide two separate services for the newlyweds who choose us: we have a wedding planner search service that at a cost of € 150 will help you find the right person for your wedding. 

Secondly we offer the tourism services search service and put you in touch with a serious travel agency that specializes in wedding services here in Italy that with great professionalism will help you with all your tourism needs from the moment you leave your country until you return home. This service cost € 450

As you see we strongly believe that these two professional skills should meet and merge and we offer you only qualified and tested staff over the years.

    You can start browsing among our venues or take a look at our Wedding planning services.

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