Gone are the days of those huge weddings where so many guests were invited and the couple could not entertain any of them.

The days when in order to get married,  young people had to break the Bank or ask their parents for help seem to be gone for good.

Today the trend is to hold more “collected” and intimate weddings, with a few well-selected people or even better just without any guests, but only the couple.

This new trend is called elopment and is already all the rage.

The couple decides to fly to the other side of the world and treat themselves to a day or a mini vacation all to themselves, to really enjoy that day alone, to have their portraits taken, or portrayed on video, and really feel like the center of the world for a day.
One can have a custom elopement created, or take advantage of the many elopement packages already on the market.
We have intercepted this trend and will soon be putting up beautiful all-inclusive elopement packages in Italy for sale on our site as well. So stay tuned.

Let’s take a closer look at what the pros and cons of elopements in this article:
The first and most obvious advantage of choosing an elopement instead of a traditional wedding is definitely the price: it is clear to everyone that a 100-guest wedding will have a very high price tag that you cannot always afford, and sometimes you go into debt and may have to limit yourself on the other choices you are forced to give up; newlyweds today no longer want to be forced to pay for a pharaonic wedding reception, to make other people happy and where they may have to give up the trip of a lifetime, the honeymoon. 

An elopement is a secluded, intimate ceremony attended by only the bride and groom, or the bride and groom and witnesses, or at most a dozen people, between the bride and groom the witnesses, and perhaps the parents of both.

A celebrant, photographer, and possibly a videographer is sent for the two of you or your mini-group. There will be a hairstylist and a make-up artist for the bride. Essential elopement packages include this. Then of course around these packages, you can create different offerings that perhaps include a candlelight dinner, a couple’s massage, or a special excursion. In this case, only imagination is the limit

By choosing an elopement the couple puts themselves in the center and not having to please anyone creates the days according to their tastes and desires.
Marrying this way doesn’t have to mean eloping: maybe it’s a second wedding, maybe the parents are no longer alive, maybe there is pleasure in celebrating without unnecessary trappings.

Everyone may have their own vision, but surely the two most obvious advantages are freedom and affordability. Get your hopes up at the ‘beginning: start by describing in great detail what you are looking for; try to be very specific about your requirements, hoping that other brides will have helpful suggestions.

Yet another advantage that an elopement offers over a more classical ceremony is the effort involved in achieving it; in fact, everyone- especially if the couple decides to marry abroad –  knows the stress this entails; in fact, it is not uncommon to find bridal couples arriving exhausted on their wedding day due to the stress of preparations, as well as the desire to want to please everyone. 

An elopement is absolutely easier to accomplish even for those getting married abroad. You don’t need to have a wedding planner coordinating a whole series of vendors. You don’t need to make group room reservations, airline flights, transfers, and everything else that is customarily needed for a small group traveling for a wedding.
So to recap an elopement puts you more at ease, is significantly cheaper, is customizable, calibrated to your needs, and makes you feel free. What more could you want?

Stay tuned because we will soon be including our first elopement packages on Lake Garda and we guarantee as of now that they will be irresistible!

In the meantime you can start browsing among our venues or take a look at our Wedding planning services.

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