Choosing the perfect wedding venue is one of the first and possibly most difficult decisions a couple has to make. Because this important decision affects not only your budget but also the appropriate decor as well as the clothes on the most beautiful day of your life. In our 19 tips for the perfect wedding location guide, you will learn everything you need to plan your wedding and what to look out for. Note on the side, you can find the perfect wedding venue in Italy easily and stress free at bookmywedding.it

1. Consider exactly how many people you want to invite to your wedding

Since not all locations can accommodate a large number of guests it is advisable to plan in advance roughly how many people you want to invite. Try to think back and think at this point about your guests: will there be a lot of children? A lot of elderly people? Someone with mobility difficulties? Babies in strollers? Or maybe some pregnant friends? Knowing these things helps you plan properly.

2. Plan carefully how much you want to spend on your wedding

Determining in advance how much you want to spend will save you the heartache you would have if you fall in love with a wedding venue that is not in your price range. Allocate a rough budget that you do not want to exceed.
Don’t want to spend more than 50% of your total wedding budget on the wedding venue? As a couple you might be so excited and blind with joy that you want to do everything quickly fixed, but do not think of all the other expensive costs which are still in the room. Prematurely sign contracts before you have concrete numbers could affect the further wedding planning negatively.

3. Choose the wedding date

The wedding date can be extremely significant for the couples. Mostly it is because you met on this day or you got introduced to his parents on this day. There are a lot of reasons here. But if you are flexible enough and can get married out of the peak season, there is a possibility to book your dream wedding venue at a reasonable price.
A good example would be if you get married on a Thurday in April you will pay less than if you get married on a Saturday in July. The time of year, day of the week and the length of your wedding party are all factors that have a great influence on the negotiation with the venue provider.

4. Inquire about popular wedding venues in advance

Popular wedding venues are booked up relatively quickly. You can avoid this by calling your desired location’s in advance and check the availability. You can save yourself the trip to the location, should it already be fully booked.
To find the perfect wedding venue in Italy you should know that you need at least a year, a year and a half in advance to be able to access both competitive rates, but most importantly the location you like best.

5. Choose colors after the location is chosen

It often happens that brides tell us their favorite colors are purple and silver, but the wedding venue that was chosen has beige walls and golden chairs. Unfortunately, this does not quite fit together. Therefore, think carefully about whether and how your desired colors fit the location.

6. Getting married abroad means spending much time with family and friends

If you have chosen a wedding in Italy, you will probably want your family and close friends to be with you for several days. You must therefore be prepared for the fact that the entire wedding celebration will last an entire weekend instead of just one day. The fact that family members can stay overnight on site is also very important in this case. You must therefore be careful to find a place with overnight accommodations for your guests near the ceremony site or in the immediate vicinity.

7. Take pictures of what you like and what you don’t like about the venue directly on site

If you visit several locations, you should create a few photos of them for the later selection. The photos should be taken not only of points that you like, but also of points that you don’t like.

8. Only visit 3 wedding venues

Carefully select locations, weighing the pros and cons but if you want to visit them, please choose only three. Three is the magic number: with only three wedding venues to choose from, the choice willbe easier. When you have too many choices, your brain will get stuck in what is called “choice paralysis” and you won’t be ableto come up with any more.

9. Ask for references

Check online reviews, check real photos that have been posted by other brides and grooms and not the glossy ones that venues post on their sites.
Ask other people who previously got married there, how the food tasted or if there was anything the venue could have done better, etc.

10. Everything must be written

You know as the Latins used to say” verba volant scripta manent”. Once you find the perfect wedding venue in Italy, remember to put each of your requests in writing and wait for written confirmation from the person in charge. Of course if you choose our service, which is totally free for you, we will assign a person who will follow up with you and put in writing your wishes.

11. Think about how your guests will get from A to B

If your wedding venue doesn’t offer overnight accommodations, check with local hotels nearby to see if they have any spaces available for your guests. Does your wedding venue offer free parking for your guests or do they have to pay for it as well? If there is no parking available, you could have your guests park at another central location and shuttle them to the wedding venue.

12.Plan B for the weather “just in case”

Since the weather can be unpredictable, it is a good idea to have an alternate plan for outdoor weddings.
Before you book, talk through all the contingencies again. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the alternative venue as well in case the weather is really bad. Otherwise, just look for a new better wedding location.

Wedding venue

13. On site manager

Some venues offer an on-site manager to assist you once you have rented the wedding venue. Usually these “on site managers” will help you prepare your wedding and usually solve any problems for you. Because these “location managers” cannot offer the full scope of a wedding planner, it is advisable to find out in advance what the location manager is responsible for and what he/she is not in charge of.

14 Clarify in advance what is allowed and what is not allowed at the wedding location

It is essential that you discuss in advance with the location what is allowed and what is not. It may well be that you are not allowed to bring your own photographer, for example, because this must be exclusively provided by the location and thus booked.

15. If the location offers catering, find out if you can test the catering in advance

The best advice in this case is to take your parents to the tasting to get their opinion as well. You should also inform the location of any special requests regarding the preparation of the food, e.g. vegetarian food or food for allergy sufferers, etc. Are you and your guests absolute wine connoisseurs? No problem you can most likely choose from different types of wine on site. But always think of your budget in the background.

16. Have you rented the location exclusively?

Also clarify whether you have rented the wedding location exclusively. Not that during your celebration another wedding party is on site.

17. As long as no contract has been signed, you still have NO location booked

As soon as you have decided on a wedding location, which you have hopefully found via bookmywedding.it, sign the rental contract promptly and make a deposit to be 100% sure that the location is exclusively reserved for you.

18. Make sure you know everything about the potential wedding venue

Especially what is and what is not included in the venue’s offer. An example would be if you are getting married at a beautiful old castle, but there is no electrical connection available here. Because then you still have to organize power generators, etc. all this again costs a lot of money and affects your overall budget.

19. Always remain friendly

During negotiations with your location, it is always advisable to negotiate on a friendly and nice basis, so you simply achieve more than if you strictly dictate wishes. Here you can achieve much more with a nice and polite discussion. Do not put yourself under too much pressure, and always choose a solution that convinces you, where you and your partner have a good feeling without stressing each other out.

Following these 19 tips it will be much easier to find the perfect wedding venue in Italy.

You can now start browsing among the venues on our website to start finding the one or take a look at our Wedding planning service, we are here to help you.

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