What an elopement is and why more and more couples are choosing it for their wedding

Gone are the days of those huge weddings where so many guests were invited and the couple could not entertain any of them. The days when in order to get married,  young people had to break the Bank or ask their parents for help seem to be gone for good. Today the trend is to […]

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Do you know what a wedding and travel cordinator (WTC) does?

Almost everyone now knows what a wedding planner does. The same thing can be said for a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings. But in recent years a new figure has arisen that could be called a hybrid of the two: its name is wedding and travel coordinator, and now if you have the […]

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What happens when you look for advices on a “Bride-to-be” Facebook group?

Are you looking for a wedding venue in Italy but can’t find the right one? I am sure that you too, not knowing where to start from, at least in the initial stage of wedding planning, have succumbed to the temptation to search the web on so-called help groups for future brides. On social media, […]

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