Wedding venue search 

350 €

On our website we have listed the main Italian wedding venues we work with. In this case you can do the search yourself by sending requests only for those that seem most suitable to you.

If, however you would like our team to do the search to find a the right venue for you, the wedding venue finder service has an additional charge of € 350.

Upon payment, we will send you a questionnaire to fill out, and from then on we will be searching for the perfect venue as if it were for our own wedding.

From that moment on, you will just have to give us as much information as you can and then simply relax and enjoy.
We will do the hard work for you, contacting the venues, asking for prices and availability and will send you up to 5 proposals.

And we won’t be happy until you’ll say: I said yes to the venue!

Hire a Wedding planner

3500 €

If you set your mind on a wedding in Italy, but can’t find a professional, dedicated wedding planner who speaks your language and is actively involved in your wedding, contact us and we’ll get you in touch with our reliable wedding planner dedicated to foreign brides and grooms. If you have the desire to be looked after by our trusted wedding planner who will take care of you from start to finish, for the long months of planning your wedding, or even if you are short of time and need someone to take charge of everything, our wedding planner is at your disposal. 

List of trusted Vendors for your Wedding

450 €

Not everyone wants to use a wedding planner: some brides find it easier to do the researches online on their own. But finding qualified vendors for your wedding is never easy; sending dozens of emails and waiting – sometimes in vain- for their responses with prices and availability is often frustrating; not all of them immediately provide the information you are looking for. They also often don’t speak your language and don’t know how to approach foreign guests due to language and cultural differences. In this case the use of our vendor search service is highly reccomended: list what kind of vendor you need, the exact date of the wedding, the correct location of the ceremony, and any optional extra information you might need to add.

As soon as we receive payment of the 450 € fee, we will get to work right away to send you a detailed list with all the contacts (up to 2 vendors for each service) that we know well. We are not going to give you prices or availability, but only their full contact so that you can get in touch directly. At this point, you will get in touch with them knowing that they are serious, reliable, and tested and cooperate with us: for a wedding with no surprises.

Wedding venue Onsite inspection

850 € each day (max 3 venues a day)

If you would like to inspect the three chosen wedding venues before setting the date, we offer the service (currently only available in northern Italy) of visiting them.

We will arrange the appointment with the location manager and accompany you on a visit to up to three locations per day. We will weigh up the pros and cons of each wedding venue with you, and if necessary help you with your choice.

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