When brides contact me to assess the first things to do, they are usually perplexed, and that’s perfectly normal in the early stages of planning a wedding: after all, it’s supposed to be your first time getting married!

Generally, brides show me a “mood board” related to a lake wedding, and what they show me is almost always related to Lake Como. For foreign brides, getting married near a lake in Italy means getting married on Lake Como. Instead, Italy is full ( but very full) of small romantic lakes that can make a beautiful setting for a fairytale wedding.

Not only Lake Como or Lake Garda but also Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, just to mention a few.
Little by little, on my blog pages I will take you with me to discover the fantastic Italian lakes.
Today, however, I would like to deal with the lake I love most and the one where I am lucky enough to live: Lake Garda

I know I’m biased but for me Lake Garda is truly the most beautiful in Italy and now I will try to explain why as well as suggest the most beautiful venues where to get married (and I also tell you that it is much cheaper than Lake Como but conveys the same vibes)

The first and most obvious is that Lake Garda is very wide, very spacious ( actually its shape resembles that of a pear, wide at the bottom and narrowing at the top) and so there is offer for everyone and any kind of vacation. As opposed to Lake Como, which consists of two long and narrow wings.
You can safely choose it because it will make you look crazy for your wedding, but then you can leave the guests free to have fun for the rest of the time and they will find bread for their teeth.

The second very obvious advantage is that you will have not one but three or four international airports from which you can reach it, as well as three train stations if you arrive by train.
The nearest international airports are Milan Malpensa (but also Milan Linate), Bergamo International, Verona, and Venice. Milan Malpensa and Venice, which are the furthest away, are about a two-hour drive from Lake Garda, while Bergamo and Verona ( smaller but well-connected airports) are closer ( say an hour to get to the Lake)

There are also two train stations: Desenzano and Peschiera, which are right on the lake in the southern part and run on the Milan-Venice route, so right in the middle of one of the busiest tourist areas in Italy.
There is also a third train stop that connects the upper part of Lake Garda, Rovereto, which is about 20 km from the lake and is on the Verona/Brenner route so it connects the beautiful city of love with the majestic Dolomites, a world heritage site.

Countless transfer firms can arrange transfers from the ‘airport to your reception venue, but you can also consider renting a car and driving yourself.
Arriving from Milan, for example, and exiting at Brescia, after a short drive you will arrive on the western shore of Lake Garda, the one full of ancient villas, cypress trees, and stunning hotels and you will feel in the center of the real Italian dolce vita.

On Lake Garda, the “Vibes” are obviously different: ranging from the lower part that being very wide recalls the sea, to the upper part that narrowing offers sceneries of incomparable beauty with the mountains overlooking the lake.

At the bottom we said where the lake is wide there is a peninsula that creeps into the water and is rich in history and culture. We are talking about the peninsula of Sirmione, which is really a tongue of land that slips into the lake.
In Sirmione there are exclusive villas but also very well-kept and elegant hotels to celebrate your wedding in an extremely elegant way. One of them is definitely the Villa Cortine Palace Hotel, a very luxurious 5-star hotel with a 5-hectare park and 54 elegant rooms.

Going up on the east side we find a whole series of locations such as Peschiera, Lazise, Bardolino, and Garda and then go up and arrive at Malcesine, known to all newlyweds for its famous castle where they celebrate unique events.
The south and east coast of Lake Garda is where there is a lot of life: tourist clubs, restaurants, boat excursions, and amusement parks. Here you will be spoiled for choice. The road that runs along the Lake ( because the whole lake can be circumnavigated with ease and fantastic views) here is wide and well-marked, so you will not find it difficult to take a rental car and move around independently.

As for the types of wedding venues you can find around here, there are really all kinds: from villas to very large restaurants dedicated to events and parties in general, to hotels either directly on the lake or in an elevated position with a beautiful view.

After the beautiful Malcesine and its medieval castle ( where I remind you you can celebrate your wedding) the landscape changes and becomes mountainous. From this point on, the soft hills give way and steep slopes with the mountains reflected in the lake. It is here that Lake Como travelers will be able to find those famous vibes and Instagrammable landscapes that they like so much.

The area of Riva del Garda and Torbole to Limone where the west coast of the lake begins are jewels set between the mountains and the lake.
Riva is a larger town than the boroughs, but Limone is the classic dream town. Here too there are villas, hotels parks, and castles where you can celebrate your event, your most beautiful day.

From Limone down to the south of Lake Garda, one travels on one of the most beautiful scenic roads in ‘Italy, which skirts the lake and offers scenery of immeasurable beauty. Here, too, splendid old villas, hotels, and resorts from a thousand and one nights, and panoramic turrets will allow you to enter from the water like a prince on your wedding day. Imagine yourself aboard a speedboat, you arrive at the wedding venue on Lake Garda while your guests wait on the lawn overlooking the lake on a beautiful sunny day. Isn’t it fabulous? How do you imagine the faces of your guests will look when you arrive?
Lake Garda has always focused heavily on sports tourism, leaving out events and weddings. Lately, more and more requests are coming in here as well, so my advice is to grab your unique and special wedding venue on Lake Garda soon before it becomes as expensive as Lake Como.
You will leave your guests speechless, guaranteed

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