Are you looking for a wedding package on Lake Garda but you are confused abou the prices? Read this before anything else

When it comes to choosing a wedding package, the doubts that grip every bride are many and all of them are legitimate.

Today we help you to clarify what you should pay attention to when choosing a wedding package.
The first thing is definitely to pay special attention to the composition of the wedding package: are you only booking the venue?

Often when we talk about prestigious venues or, on the contrary, venues that are booked very frequently (e.g. Romeo and Juliet’s house in Verona or the castle of Malcesine on Lake Garda) in which case the price must refer exclusively to the venue and no other vendors must be included.

An alternative could be a combination of venue  + restaurant for the wedding lunch or dinner.
In this case go straight to what is included in the food (one first course, two second courses, the wedding cake, etc.).
Doing these checks will certainly help you understand what price you are paying relative to what services.

When you have also included a restaurant, once you have been told the name go and check the reviews because they are crucial.

Not only the reviews of course but also ask questions about outdoor spaces if there are any, areas for a possible plan b in case of rain, an event manager inside who will take care of you from start to finish
Also be aware that in Italy, often both venues and wedding planners will tell you that they cannot give you a quote on the spur of the moment and that they have to study the case first and then you will get the quote.

Is a photographer included? For how many hours? Is a celebrant included? a specialist to coordinate the stages of the day on-site? These are all essential figures for your most beautiful day.

Again, know that wedding packages are a foundation from which to start, but then they should be customizable as much as possible with additions according to your taste and liking.
You must be able to make your own changes as and when you want (request less basic flowers for example, or have a photographer for the whole day instead of just the fixed 5 hours).
A good organizer must be able to get you any other supplier for an extra charge, so he must know the area where he operates extremely well and all the professionals who offer the best value for money in the area
These certainly include those who respond to requests within no more than 24 hours and

In addition to this, a package must necessarily give you a good and truthful idea of the price.
There must be a variety of packages on offer, to give customers the widest possible choice.
They are generally offered for different prices, but also in terms of mood, duration, services included, etc.
We for example have packages offered directly on a boat on Lake Garda, or in a vineyard overlooking Lake Garda.

We have carefully studied them according to the tastes of our foreign customers, we can change them at any time, including several extras that our customers can choose from.

It was not easy to create them, we had to move around a lot on the territory, get to know, analyze, test all the vendors involved.
Sometimes we visited fabulous venues, but where the vendor or the owner did not give us the answers we were looking for or the price lists we were asking for within the given timeframe.

Some even made us wait almost two months for their price lists: we asked ourselves, if the bride and groom had made the request, how would they have looked? and how can we trust them when we give them our loved ones for their most beautiful day if they already make us wait so long during the quotation phase?
and so we reluctantly had to discard them, as our standards include quick and immediate responses and the constant presence of a manager who takes responsibility for our customers.

Having made this choice in advance, you can now rest assured that by choosing one of our wedding packages here on Lake Garda, the vendors will be highly selected.

Another thing to consider: is whoever creates your wedding package physically present in the area? Because you know, during the big day you need someone to coordinate and without a physical presence on that day, it is difficult for everything to run smoothly. So another absolute necessity is that whoever creates these offers is physically present on site.

As far as the prices of our wedding packages they start from 10.000 € for a celebration + party directly on a boat overlooking Lake Garda for 25 people.

Can you think of anything more romantic than this?  

You can start browsing among our packages  or take a look at our Wedding planning services.

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