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Where do we start? is the phrase I hear uttered and  written most often by all couples about to get married in Italy.

It is already challenging to plan a wedding at home, let alone abroad where you don’t know the language, customs, vendors, contract templates , level of down payments and a whole long list of other very important information.

Many future brides and groom have never been abroad before (neither have they been married before) 

 Not only there is to organize the wedding, the ceremony, the day of celebration, and for that you know there are many good wedding planners who can help you, but there is mostly to find good accommodation for your guests and also all the organizational part for them.

Maybe an airport pick up will have to be thought of, hotel rooms will have to be booked for them, holiday post event.

In short, a destination wedding rarely involves only the bride and groom, much more frequently it involves organizing even the whole family plus friends in tow of the couple.

And there you have it that for these things it is often no longer enough just to have a wedding planner since there are often more specific travel agent skills.

But both cannot be had and so what? 

The thing that needs to be clear right from the start,  is that this is the bride and groom’s first time planning their wedding so it is normal to be clueless, to feel lost and overwhelmed by all the things there are to do


It is exactly to meet these specific needs and  having more of a touristic than a wedding planner background that we thought of creating packages with accommodations, to make your wedding in Italy as less demanding as possible.

Because we know very well that when your guests do not find the right accomodation for themselves  your mood will also suffer.

There will be the person who wishes to stay as close to the couple as possibile,  the one who will want to be a little more spaced out to have more privacy.



There will also be the issue of cost: Clearly many of you will opt for a venue within which we have sleeps to amortize costs but there may not necessarily be room for all participants.

For some you will have to select nearby inns. Or propose different types of prices.

There will also be the issue of cost:

Perhaps many newlyweds don’t know this, but in order to easily accommodate their wedding guests, one can choose these viable alternatives:

  • A villa with sleeps to be able to accommodate as many guests as possible
  • An hotel with rooms available
  • A tourist area where those who cannot find room in the main accommodation can find room in other nearby bed and breakfasts
  • An off-season wedding so you can choose to take the whole hotel for yourself.

yes you read that correctly, and it is a really interesting solution.

In the off-season when the hotels are not so full they can be rented in full, including all the staff who remain inside the hotel at your total service.

Basically it is like having a villa at your complete disposal but with all the services of a large hotel.
The hotel has every interest in keeping open and providing you with first-class services, exclusively for you and your wedding group.

Yes, because in the off-season the big crowds are gone, and you can enjoy the quiet and calm that a hotel all to yourself, all at your complete disposal can provide.
And how many beautiful weddings can be arranged even in the low season or in the period just before Christmas for example.

Just to start you dreaming, I give you the example of a 4-star resort, with an incredible view here on our beautiful Lake Garda that can be rented completely for several days.
You can think about having a late fall wedding, with beautiful candles, and a unique lake view restaurant.
Also in the days to follow the Spa all for the group and also some excursions in view of the first Christmas markets that abound in the area will make your fairy tale, a unique and unforgettable dream.

Stay tuned because we will soon post information about this “Christmas wedding package including room accomodation for your guests”



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