How do you find reliable suppliers when you are trying to organise your wedding remotely?

You are most likely very far away, both geographically – but often culturally- from your possible vendors

How do you go about finding reliable vendors when you are trying to organise your wedding remotely? what criteria should you adopt when looking for wedding vendors from afar?

Here are 5 practical tips I want to share with you

Speed in contacting you

The first, absolute tip I can give you is about the speed of processing your request. Yes, because you will certainly have contacted some possible vendor who did not even bother to reply to you in time (or not at all). How much frustration there is in this getting ghosted! Yet many vendors still fear online enquiries as if they were a waste of time and despite spending a lot of money to get found, once they are contacted by a bride and groom they don’t even respond. Unbelievable, isn’t it?


Using your language

If you wrote using English, or for example German, it is because you guessed from the vendor’s home page that he might speak that language (perhaps his site had more language options). Having a vendor who is fluent in – at least-  English is a must that a foreign bride should never give up. Sure, maybe that florist who creates beautiful arrangements on instagram has entered your heart, but unless you have an interpreter with you, how do you expect to communicate with him if the only language he speaks is Italian?

Moreover, using your own language also means using appropriate terms that customers can understand: avoid use of tricky words to show off his knowledge, but clear words that do not bring to misunderstanding

Recommended by

Get any negative meaning of the term recommended out of your head: in this case it is someone who has already worked in a team with other professionals. These professionals have field-tested this person, perhaps found a good fit, and suggest you use his services because they know he will make you look good (and them too who recommended him). Would you ever recommend someone you had a bad experience with?

Indicating Price ranges 

It is true that talking about prices of one’s services/products is always difficult but necessary. It is because you definitely need to know what kind of price you will have to pay. Instead, many hide behind a ‘tailor-made’ service. They make you believe that they are tailoring the product for you, but in many cases, going in blind, means that two people lose time The customer and the vendor, because if after defining the details it turns out that the vendor is way over budget, the deal is off.

Available for advice

Very often we find suppliers who are absolutely fantastic but somehow unreachable. Many are closed in “their own world” and are not willing to understand the needs of those in front of them. Whereas, in my experience, the most interesting vendors are those who are willing to listen (i.e. those who even schedule an online consultation call), who let their customers express themselves and are ready to make practical suggestions even to those who have not yet chosen them

Our list of trusted wedding vendors 

Our website, in addition to helping you find the right wedding venue in Italy, also offers the service of selecting wedding vendors that we have researched and carefully chosen for our brides and grooms. you can find it here: https://bookmywedding.it/planning-services/

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