Villas for weddings in Italy: a guide to find them

The search key for wedding villas in Italy is always in great demand: there are many foreign brides who cultivate within themselves the dream of being able to get married in a villa, where they can also host their closest friends and relatives and celebrate for days on end.

Every day, on every Facebook group of “brides looking for suppliers for their wedding in Italy”, a bride pops up looking for “the Villa”. 

I know exactly what villas look like, in the minds of foreign brides when they think of a villa in Italy to get married: the classic villa in the Tuscan hills, seen in so many films, that the couple can rent for a whole week, hosting friends and relatives and organising inside it not only the ceremony itself but also all the side activities of the wedding.
It is the classic ‘a-la-villa-Catignano’ villa, very rustic, with the little lights above the impeccably set table, the isolated, rustic villa surrounded by lavender fields and is perfect for the classic dream of a Tuscan wedding.

Before I tell you how to find them, give you prices and the things you need to pay attention to, I would like to clarify that wedding villas in Italy are many, varying in type and destination.
The first distinction that needs to be made relates to historic villas: Italy is in fact rich in historic villas, located in areas of great architectural value, generally well preserved but beware they usually have many limitations and cannot accommodate guests to sleep.
One region par excellence is Tuscany, but other such villas can be found in the Veneto region, for example in the Valpolicella area, the Ville Venete area in Vicenza and, of course, the Venice area is full of them.

Another area very rich in these villas is Umbria, which borders Tuscany and is called ‘the green heart of Italy’.As for other types of villas, in this modern case too, Italy is full of them: there are those in the mountains, those by the sea (have you ever seen the crazy villas in Sardinia?), on the lakes and in general scattered all over the peninsula.

I have two things to say about this: good news and bad news.
Let’s start with the bad news: these villas are in high demand, are booked even years in advance and generally have very high costs.
The good news, however, is that there is not just them, and there is not just one area in Italy where these wonderful wedding villas can be rented: there are many other areas that foreign couples do not even consider!

And now we come to the crucial question: how do you find villas for wedding in Italy? The first and most obvious answer is to do some research on the various sites that rent holiday homes, but it is not always so easy.
First of all, on these generalist sites they do not stipulate that the house is available for events. That is, you rent a house for holidays but the owner is not necessarily willing to let you organise a wedding inside. On the contrary, you will almost always be told no, because organising a wedding involves a lot of work, moving things and people, external suppliers accessing the house and, above all, extra ‘setup’ costs.

In addition, on generalist holiday home search sites, houses are described in great detail regarding the house itself, i.e. how many rooms, how many bathrooms, whether there is a microwave oven in the kitchen, etc., but rarely is any information given about the organisation of a wedding, such as: is there an area for the ceremony? and for a possible plan B?
Are there sockets to connect the kitchens if an external caterer arrives?

These are some of the questions you can and should ask yourself that you will not find answers to on generalist sites.
At most, those where, at most, you might have a wedding will be indicated, which will be flashed in a different colour, but that’s where it all ends. You will then have to contact the hosts and/or owners directly and communication will not always be easy, immediate and in your own language.

Also beware of sites showing dream villas without any indication of prices (the famous prices on request), which will immediately discourage you and make you believe that all wedding villas in Italy are overpriced: no, they are not, just look for the right people who specialise in this, have visited the villas and can suggest the right ones.

There are also premium suppliers on the web offering top-notch, dream villas with prices way out of reach that make it seem that all other wedding villas in Italy are also particularly expensive. None of this is true: in Italy as in the rest of the world there are villas at


But how exactly do you find these famous and sought-after wedding villas in Italy? the first search is clearly to be done on Google with the keywords. Be wary of those who do not specialize in wedding villas, those who do not provide you with prices right away, those who prevaricate, do not respond within 24 hours or less, and those who cannot give you accurate information but remain vague.
the information you will need will also be related to a rental contract, cancellation penalties, and any foreign suppliers that may be allowed inside the villa. 

Almost all historic villas have villa rental fees only for the day of the event, while villas that offer sleeps offer weekly prices and do not rent for less than a week.

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