Choosing a fairy tale castle for your italian wedding is the right choice?  

In your childhood dreams there is surely a prince charming who abducts you on his white horse and through an imposing door leads you to a splendid castle.
In the castle the queen is waiting for you to welcome you to her kingdom and … stop dreaming.

That castle actually could really come into your life if you would decide to get married in Italy.
As you well know Italy is full of wedding venues of all kinds and castles are part of this great heritage. 

But getting married in an Italian castle has its pros and cons and is definitely not for everyone.
Let’s take a look at who this type of ceremony is suitable for and who it definitely is not

Is it just a matter of money? is getting married in an Italian castle very expensive?     

Contrary to what many believe, the cost of renting a castle for the ceremony is by no means out of reach for some newlyweds.
In fact, I would say that compared to some high-end resorts or hotels, castles offer a sometimes more affordable price

especially as always if you keep these three constants in mind when choosing the perfect wedding venue for your Italian wedding:
* avoid weekends and therefore get married during the week.
* avoid the Italian high season ( and therefore roughly the months from mid-June to mid-September )
* avoid the usual destinations that are very fashionable and therefore have higher prices-sometimes even than their normal value.
The classic Amalfi Coast, Tuscany and Lake Como, being so in demand have higher-than-average prices.
However, this should not discourage you from choosing a prestigious venue because by choosing well you can truly crown your dream in an Italian castle.

Now let’s look more specifically, however, at what is involved in getting married in a castle:
Italian castles are very old – therefore access to the castle itself more be uncomfortable.

Of course this was fine when the castle was placed in a dominant and isolated position to defend the territory.

It is much less fine if you have to arrange for a bus to accompany your guests.

The impassable, steeply sloping entrances, the heavy gates that do not make it easy for the vendors who will come to organize your ceremony to enter.

The elderly grandmother, the ladies in high heels who will have to walk to the steep uphill entrance will not be at all happy with your choice

Few castles have parking spaces for your guests’ cars.

The possibility of having fireworks in an Italian castle is rare enough. Many of them will not allow you the use of fireworks.

Even noises like wild dancing late into the night, or music concerts at a certain time must stop.
The thick walls of castles certainly do not facilitate wi fi networks where connection is often poor.

As for the rooms within the castle, don’t expect modern accommodations! many of them retain some tradition and are austere and basic.

The service on the other hand can be really nice and efficient.
Given the various structural deficiencies, many castles will bend over backwards to meet your needs.
maybe there will be a few outlets for your musicians, but you will have someone as a reference who will take your entire ceremony to heart. 

To conclude this article, I suggest booking an Italian castle for your wedding ceremony to those who are more attracted to intimacy and artistic forms rather than a glamorous wedding.
In Italian castles – some can be rented in full just for your ceremony – you can relax in the midst of history, make your guests feel pampered and amaze them as it will be something they have surely never experienced before.

A castle, however, is not for those who want an entirely elegant ceremony with attention to the smallest detail.

Those who want every comfort, from the reception to the hotel will have to fall back on something more modern
on the other hand, those who love art and living even for a few hours will be an experience that will leave you and those who will be there that day to celebrate with you breathless

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