Are you looking for a wedding venue in Italy but can’t find the right one?

I am sure that you too, not knowing where to start from, at least in the initial stage of wedding planning, have succumbed to the temptation to search the web on so-called help groups for future brides. On social media, and I am talking specifically about Facebook, they abound and there are so many of them divided by area of the world, by date, by type of ceremony and so on.

What happens, however, when you join these groups? Get your hopes up at the ‘beginning: start by describing in great detail what you are looking for; try to be very specific about your requirements, hoping that other brides will have helpful suggestions.

In reality you are only surrendering your privacy to total strangers who can’t wait to spam you with their -or their friends’- unique offers. Totally indifferent to your specific needs, not knowing who you are and what kind of wedding you have in mind

Pay attention to them next time: they always propose themselves and their solutions seem to fit each of you. After they respond to you perhaps inquiring about an elopement or an intimate wedding in a vineyard in Tuscany with very few guests, they will also apply for the bride who comes after you, who is instead looking for an elegant villa at Lake Garda.

These professional spammers-they are always the same if you notice- serve facebook groups to make up the numbers, but actually spoil the collaborative atmosphere with which these groups were born and are supposed to serve.

After hanging around these groups for a while, you get tired of asking perfect strangers on social networks to suggest some location and finding yourself swamped by pseudo-experts who can’t wait to spam you with all their perfect solutions?

You recognize them right away because when you ask, probably other brides, for suggestions on where they have planned their wedding, these characters who have joined all the groups of brides-to-be arrive and start like this: “congratulations on your wedding!: my name is xyc and I have the perfect solution for you! send me a private message and I will get in touch.”

At this point, if your message was too general and so you were still not convinced about the destination, or the type of location most suitable for you, here come out thousands of self-styled experts, each with the perfect solution in their pocket and the ideal location.

They range from the one who tells you to choose his solution because it’s cheap, the other who tells you that he still has a vacancy in August and might give you a good price, to the one who shamelessly recommends his cousin who does weddings in the countryside.

All of this advice is absolutely useless and you know it yourself; you will go and peek at maybe some recommended site and find yourself even more confused than before.

Your wedding needs to be a special event and cannot be entrusted only to total strangers who do not care about you. Choosing the perfect venue is, among other things of all the organizational steps of a wedding abroad, perhaps the most delicate and most complex part.

You have many questions in your head and these questions need to be answered by an expert who lives in Italy, knows the language, the venues and the pros and cons of each of them. It is understandable that you ask some other bride perhaps from your own country, trusting that she may have made similar choices to yours, but know that every wedding is unique.

In every wedding there are a brides and a grooms with their own specific needs. It is true that the couple primarily choose what they like, but surely part of the choice has to be made with their guests in mind:
What do you do with a magnificent location directly on the sea reached only through a steep and sometimes slippery staircase, when your dress is three meters long and you have at least five elderly people who will not be able to make those stairs independently?
Do you really think that your 80-year-old grandmother would be pleased to walk down those stairs perhaps attached to a cane?
Are you really sure that that nice resort that proposed via facebook won’t accept any other weddings besides yours on the same day?
And are you sure that that wonderful hotel will let you stay dancing late into the night and won’t kick you out by 6:30 p.m. because their hotel guests want to have a quiet dinner and not be disturbed by your guests?

As we always repeat, there is no such thing as the perfect venue-there is a venue that is right for every single couple, and there are too many different factors to be taken into consideration.

Our wedding venues search and booking service in Italy is absolutely free for you. We listen carefully to your requests, when needed we fix a call or via Zoom or Skype and then send you at least three proposals so that you can choose the right venue, calibrated on your needs and not on proposals made by strangers on a social network.

You can start browsing among our venues or take a look at our Wedding planning services.

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