Almost everyone now knows what a wedding planner does.

The same thing can be said for a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings.
But in recent years a new figure has arisen that could be called a hybrid of the two: its name is wedding and travel coordinator, and now if you have the patience to read me I want to explain what it is all about and why it is a crucial figure in uniting the wedding and travel worlds.


The wedding and travel coordinator is a professional who knows foreign languages and the first thing she will do is write to the bride and groom introducing herself a few days before they arrive in Italy.

When the couple will land at the airport, she generally goes to greet them and accompanies them to the hotel where they will be staying, making it easier for them to check in and relieving a lot of the stress of foreign brides and grooms coming to get married in a country that is not their own.

Before welcoming the couple to what will be their love nest for the next few days she will surely have made arrangements for the maids who do the rooms to make them feel comfortable in the room knowing the customs of the country they come from.

Every country has its own customs when it comes to weddings, and for a couple arriving from a distant country, few things can dilute the tension like being greeted with a smile by someone who speaks your language and being accommodated in a room that welcomes you just like newlyweds with the special attention these guests seek and deserve.

The wedding and travel coordinator tries to pick up on the bride and groom’s emotions and ease their feeling of being lost. Within moments, that magic is created that emotionally binds the bride and groom to their trusted WTC.

The WTC accompanies the bride through the hectic days before the wedding, resolving her doubts. She helps her in taking care of small misunderstanding.

She directs and coordinates the work of all the staff involved in the ceremony as if she were an orchestra conductor

She always takes the bride and groom’s side in dealing with the various vendors, stands by their side and explains to them every little detail or catch that should pop up at the ‘last.

She interacts with the possible vendors, fitting them perfectly into the tight pre-event timings, as if she were making a jigsaw puzzle,

But in addition to the wedding part, she is also a ‘tourism expert”; so she verifies that transfers for arriving guests are on time.
She books a table for everyone the night before the event if nothing had been arranged.

She organizes and manages, planning times and ways possible excursions to be done all together just after the wedding, when even the bride and groom can relax and enjoy together with their beloved ones some excurisions in the surrounding area

Inform the bride and groom of details they may not have noticed.

Takes care of emergencies: maybe the dress needs ironing, or some guest was left without a transfer at the airport.

To end our considerations, the Wedding and Travel coordinator is precisely the link between a travel agent and a wedding planner. She knows the roles of both, does not generally replace them but combines their two professions with grace and expertise, the



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