How to find an italian wedding planner

How much does a wedding planner in Italy cost?  How do I find an italian wedding planner for my wedding? Finding a wedding planner abroad to whom you can entrust the best day of your life is really a big challenge, we understand you well. Here you will find a couple of useful tipps for […]

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Are you sure that choosing a hotel for your wedding is always the best choice? hear what happened to me….

Choosing a hotel for one’s wedding party does not always turn out to be a good choice…This is what  happened to me-  actually many years ago when I was not yet doing this job-  and, I admit, I was such a naive My current husband and me are an international couple: he is German and […]

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Why so many couples choose a villa for their wedding in Italy

If you are looking for a venue that can combine charm, comfort, hospitality and a high degree of customization, know that a villa wedding is the choice of excellence for those who want a memorable and impressive wedding. If you are considering a villa for your wedding, in this article you will find the many […]

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How long before the Wedding do you have to be in Italy?

If you have chosen a wedding abroad one of the questions you will definitely ask yourself is this: when do I need to be on site in Italy for my wedding? I can imagine that you will probably have scouted ahead of time, or have excellent contacts on site to perfectly plan your most beautiful […]

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