What an elopement is and why more and more couples are choosing it for their wedding

Gone are the days of those huge weddings where so many guests were invited and the couple could not entertain any of them. The days when in order to get married,  young people had to break the Bank or ask their parents for help seem to be gone for good. Today the trend is to […]

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Why is Italy second to none when it comes to celebrating a wedding?

So many competitors have entered the destination wedding industry in recent years, but Italy remains in the lead as a desired, dreamed of, preferred destination for brides and grooms around the world, why? It is known that when a product is highly desired by customers, possible competitors try to lower its level, and speak ill […]

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Places to get married at Lake Garda (before it gets too expensive)

How to find a wedding venue on Lake Garda. Which one to choose to leave your guests speechless

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Italy wedding packages with accomodation

Italy wedding packages with accomodation   Where do we start? is the phrase I hear uttered and  written most often by all couples about to get married in Italy. It is already challenging to plan a wedding at home, let alone abroad where you don’t know the language, customs, vendors, contract templates , level of […]

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Do you know what a wedding and travel cordinator (WTC) does?

Almost everyone now knows what a wedding planner does. The same thing can be said for a travel agent who specializes in destination weddings. But in recent years a new figure has arisen that could be called a hybrid of the two: its name is wedding and travel coordinator, and now if you have the […]

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Getting married in an italian Castle: the pros and the cons

Choosing a fairy tale castle for your italian wedding is the right choice?   In your childhood dreams there is surely a prince charming who abducts you on his white horse and through an imposing door leads you to a splendid castle. In the castle the queen is waiting for you to welcome you to her […]

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How to find an italian wedding planner

How much does a wedding planner in Italy cost?  How do I find an italian wedding planner for my wedding? Finding a wedding planner abroad to whom you can entrust the best day of your life is really a big challenge, we understand you well. Here you will find a couple of useful tipps for […]

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Should I choose a travel agent or a wedding planner when organising a destination wedding?

Should I choose a travel agent or a wedding planner when organising a destination wedding?   You are planning your wedding abroad and after the first research you feel overwhelmed: it is not as easy as you were told and so you decide to look for someone who can help you You are of course familiar […]

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Is Lake Garda a good place to get married?

The eternal rivalry between Lake Como and Lake Garda Which is the best one to get married? Which one to choose for your wedding?  The Americans do not know Lake Garda, while they are crazy about Lake Como. Is it only thanks to George Clooney? The Germans, on the other hand, are crazy about Lake […]

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How to find your wedding vendors in Italy?

How do you find reliable suppliers when you are trying to organise your wedding remotely? You are most likely very far away, both geographically – but often culturally- from your possible vendors How do you go about finding reliable vendors when you are trying to organise your wedding remotely? what criteria should you adopt when […]

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