Choosing a hotel for one’s wedding party does not always turn out to be a good choice…This is what  happened to me-  actually many years ago when I was not yet doing this job-  and, I admit, I was such a naive

My current husband and me are an international couple: he is German and I am Italian.

Not only that: part of his family lives in California, so it was normal for us to have guests from multiple parts of the world at our wedding.

In addition to that, at that time we lived in Piedmont but we wanted to get married close to home (on Lake Garda) and we had very little free time to choose the wedding venue of our dreams.

During one of our short but intense weekends of discovery on Lake Garda, a friend told us about his daughter who had become the manager of a beautiful four-star hotel and we decided to go and try it out.

The hotel was very nice, the food was great, as well as the service.

We were  offered an excellent menu, which we tasted and were enchanted.
Externally it looked great, a big swimming pool, a parking lot  for all cars, easy to reach and close to the city center of Riva del Garda

Immediately we thought it was the right choice, especially since having an in-house restaurant would make things easier for us with the food: no catering, waiters, extra cakes. They thought of everything, what a relief for us!

What we hadn’t thought about was the after party:  what would we do when we got back from the photo shoot with the photographer? In fact, the hotel told us that we would have to leave the resort by 6 p.m. to allow the waiters to prepare the room for the hotel guests

So what, what to do next?

We had to come up with something creative, an excuse to take away our nearly 100 international guests of all ages that would make them want to leave the comfort of a beautiful dining room.

  • Fantasy loading…

Actually knowing the area well, we took different action and thought of something nice that would sweep the monotony of staying all day (in the middle of July) inside a restaurant hall.
Which actually our guests really enjoyed and in fact I will tell you more it was really the Highlight of the day!

At first we begged our guests to get ready to go out for a short walk to the lake. Can you imagine the scene? In a resort full of tourists in flip-flops, how nice to see a hundred very elegant people walking down the beach toward the center? lol

As soon as we arrived under the magnificent castle overlooking the town of Riva del Garda, we had them board a boat called “Moby Dick”, and from there the merry group set off on a lake tour.

Of course, on the boat we had our guests find not only cheerfulness and good mood but also cool drinks and some alcoholic beverages.

(to tell you the truth alcohol helped all the guests feel looser and the evening became splendid) 

On board the boat we reached the beautiful town of Limone sul Garda and from there, unexpected stroke of luck we were expecting magnificent fireworks  and we all enjoyed from the water.

In the end this choice turned out to be a trump card and allowed us to create that special experience that still makes our friends say to this day ; “your wedding was unforgettable”

Isn’t that what every couple dreams of hearing from their guests?

However, not everyone is lucky enough to celebrate on the shores of Lake Garda where the choices for entertaining family and friends are many.

So now I suggest our couples to consider a hotel to celebrate their wedding, but always asking if it will be the only one that day, and at what time you and your guests will have to leave the facility to prepare for an equally beautiful continuation of the party


















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