Yesterday I happened to read a snide comment from a user in response to a bride looking for a wedding package.
The user replied to her with annoyance that “a package” is to a tailor-made as much as a starred dinner is to a Big Mac at McDonald’s.
If you’ve been following me for a while, the comments and advice given on social media, especially on Facebook groups make me sad.

People self-promoting, spouting nonsense… I already talked about this in my previous post, which you can find here: https://bookmywedding.it/facebook-groups-for-brides-to-be/

Is it the word “package” that is so frightening and conveys an idea of poor? of unkempt? of cheap?
I have asked myself this over and over again, I have also looked for different words that could explain what is contained therein, but honestly, I struggle to find words more appropriate than package.

Perhaps it is because I come from the world of tourism where the word package is commonly used to mean a set of already assembled services that make up something unique.
Yes, because when we thought of creating our wedding packages here on Lake Garda, we had not at all in mind to create something cheap,  and shoddy, far from it!


Rather, our idea focused on the original, chic, sophisticated venues from the outset.
We tried to make partnerships with venues that had general coordination by an event manager. We tried in every way to have a close-knit team moving together.
In this respect, we had to (sometimes sadly) leave behind many venues and many possible suppliers that did not exactly meet our standards.

We don’t want to bore you, but we visited beautiful venues, immersed in fabulous landscapes. And while our heads began to visualize how it could have turned out, with a nice table set up, candles lit etc, we had to deal with people who had no idea what it meant to organise an event. 

Its complexity, the emotionality of those days must be understood by professional organizers.

Our wedding packages are therefore made to a very high standard and always include a whole range of services.
Of course, in order to keep prices artificially based we could have included only the price of the civil ceremony in the town hall, or inserted the wording “prices from”, but let’s not kid ourselves!

Who cares to know the cost of the town hall only, if everything else has to be added?
In creating our packages we have thought of people who are far away, busy people who don’t have time to organize everything remotely, but who at the same time are aware that to organize a nice wedding you need a certain budget and that things done on the cheap often hide pitfalls.

Our packages are modifiable, they are a starting point for possibly more complex projects.

We told ourselves that just for us, who are in the industry, speak Italian, and are on-site to create these packages was a chore that required at least 6 to 8 months of constant, full-time work.
So we wondered how many foreign brides can have so much free time, patience and understanding of some aspects of organization in Italy.

So we wondered how many foreign brides could have so much free time, patience, and understanding of some aspects of the organization in Italy. For example, vendors who ignore your inquiry emails, who tell you they will send you the quote, and then don’t. Prices that are missing the VAT that has to be added but you don’t understand at what rate.
Toasts that can be arranged for the bride and groom but where it is not clear what is included: will there be finger foods? or just a glass of prosecco?

When we created them we tried to imagine if we were the ones who had to plan a wedding abroad what would we need? here is the vision that moved us

Basically what we want to tell you is that our wedding packages are representations of possible wedding ceremonies and parties, which have high standards and equally high quality and are suitable for those who have neither desire nor time to create everything themselves but prefer to use their free time to enjoy the precious time until the wedding day.Someone who wants to have trusted contacts on site, a mix between a travel agent and a wedding planner.


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