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A former Travel agent in love with Wedding venues

Ever since I was a child I dreamed of working in tourism. In 2007 I opened and successfully managed my own travel agency for 12 years.

During those great years, both for work and for private life, I have travelled far and wide all over Italy, getting acquainted with magnificent venues.

When the covid pandemic struck my dream turned into a nightmare. Suddenly the world stood still and it seemed that travel agents were no longer needed

However, I knew I didn’t want to leave tourism, I was really passionate about showing my beautiful Italy to travellers from around the world, going beyond the common clichés. I had a background in event creation, but somehow I couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together.

The more I searched for a genuine idea, the more it seemed like there was already too much of everything. I always thought that such a variety of different venues had to be properly presented and promoted. Moreover, coming from the tourism industry, I had a different vision than traditional wedding planners in organising weddings for foreign visitors.

One day, fate put me in touch with a special woman who was working successfully organising destination weddings in Italy: we met and I was enchanted.

She told me at length about her work, and I became so passionate about it that I lost track of time. I had finally found what I had been searching for, for so long!

I soon noticed that foreign brides planning their wedding in Italy did not have a directory where they could find wedding venues and wedding vendors in different regions of Italy: many of them did not have serious and trusted contacts and were forced to ask strangers on social networks, “Where do I start to organize my wedding in Italy? “Can you suggest any reliable wedding venues in Italy?”.
They were literally putting the most important day of their lives in the hands of perfect strangers!

I was beginning to join the dots of the puzzle: of course, there it is the answer! We needed an expert in tourism, not just a wedding planner, that could propose Italian wedding venues to foreign brides and grooms.

I wanted to bring to light a personally curated selection of italian hidden gems

Unfortunately, my friend passed away close to Christmas in 2021, but to honour her enthusiasm for my project I threw myself into work, and a few months later bookmywedding.it was born.

Bookmywedding.it is totally free of charge for you

Does it mean I don't have to pay anything?

We never charge customers anything. We just spend time making venue finding easy.

How does Bookmywedding make money?

Our venues pay a small fee for each confirmed booking they receive through us.

Don't venues just add a fee o my price?

No. You will only pay the same or even less than when booking directly.

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